About the Author – Jolu (Jo) Lawson

Jolu Lawson

Hi, it’s great to meet you! my name is Jolu (Jo) Lawson – Food is more than just nutrition. To me it is an extension of my creative personality, a way to demonstrate my affection for people and to delight and surprise them.

After my schooling I studied at the City and Guilds International College in London England.

I am holder of a Diploma in Food Production and Culinary Arts from the City and Guilds international college in London England.

Over the last 12 years I have held employment at every level of a commercial kitchen – these include being an overworked and unappreciated “Sous” Chef, and finally head chef.

I have now left the world of formal employment and now run my own restaurant “The Haven” in the holiday town of Hartbeespoort in South Africa.

Our food traffic and customer base is mainly weekends and holidays.

If you are ever in holiday in South Africa at Hartbeespoort, pop in and have a drink with us.

So instead of sitting around during the week, I am compiling this collection of recipes from around the world. I hope you enjoy it.